Prof. Dr. Thomas Höfer

Division of Theoretical Systems Biology
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
69120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221-54 51380
Fax:      +49 6221-54 51487








2017-present Associate editor, Integrative Biology
2013-present Editorial board, European Journal of Immunology
2011 Reinhart Heinrich lecture, International Study Group for Systems Biology
1994-1996 Jowett Senior Scholar, Balliol College Oxford, 1994–1996
1994 Landahl Award, Society of Mathematical Biology
1993-1996 PhD fellow, Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds

2013 – present Full professor, Heidelberg University
2011 – present Head of Division Theoretical Systems Biology, DKFZ
2007 – 2011 Group leader (tenured), DKFZ
2002 – 2006 Junior professor, theoretical biophysics, Humboldt University Berlin
2000 – 2002 Guest Scientist, Collège de France, Paris
1997 – 2002 Postdoctoral researcher, Humboldt University Berlin
1996 – 1997 Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Inst. for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden

2016 – present Coordinator, European (ERA-Cosysmed) research network OPTIMIZE-NB
2013 – 2016 Coordinator, research network Immunoquant, within BMBF SysBio program
2012 – 2015 Coordinator, research network MYC-NET, within BMBF CancerSys program
2009 – 2012 Coordinator, research network EpiSys, within BMBF SysBio program
2002 – 2006 Member steering committee SFB617, Humboldt-University Berlin

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