Joint activities from scientists in SFB1129 in Covid-19 research

We have used the lockdown period of our labs to jointly carry out extra activities in Covid-19 research. Many members of the SFB have been involved in the research efforts against SARS-CoV-2 in cooperation with partners from the University Hospital and in national and international collaborations.

Here is a collection of links (press releases, publications, interview) which document the multiple activities, as well as papers that have emerged from this work:

Press releases of the University Hospital Heidelberg:
> “Allianz im Kampf gegen Coronarivus und Covid-19” (from April 8 , 2020)
> “1. Teil der Eltern-Kind-Covid-19-Studie in Baden-Württemberg” (from February 8, 2021)
> “Erkenntnisse aus einer kalten Welt – Kryo-Elektronentomografie bietet Blick auf das Corona-Virus” (from January 08, 2021)

Interview with B. Müller by the Baden-Württemberg State Initiative “Women in MINT professions” (also see Public Outreach)

Publications / papers in 2020: