⟩  PhD students and PostDocs

The Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology at the University Hospital Heidelberg offers positions for PhD students and postdocs at all career levels to investigate

post-entry events in retrovirus replication“.

Research will be conducted in the groups of Hans-Georg Kräusslich and Barbara Müller within the DFG funded collaborative research center 1129 (Sonderforschungsbereich 1129).

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The positions are open immediately. Please send your application (CV, academic transcript, motivation letter and reference letters or contact details of two referees) until July 15, 2023 as a single pdf file to: Propaedeutik.Lehre@med.uni-heidelberg.de

PhD student candidates can also apply directly through the HBIGS platform http://www.hbigs.uni-heidelberg.de/

Call: June 13, 2023

⟩  MD/PhD students, MD thesis

SFB 1129 encourages research-oriented MD students to do a challenging experimental MD thesis and supports them during their experimental thesis for a 12 month period.

Click here for more information on current MD projects of the medical faculty of Heidelberg University (“Promotionsbörse Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg”).