Prof. Dr. Kai Johnsson

Department of Chemical Biology
Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: 06221 486-400


Chemical Biology, Fluorescent probes


2021 Hansen Family Award in Medical Sciences
2019 Elected Member of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
2016 Karl Heinz Beckurts-Preis
2015 AbbVie Lecture, UC Berkeley
2013 Elected Member of EMBO
2012-2013 Novartis Lectureship Award
2011 Amgen Lecture, UC Berkeley
2003 Prix APLE for the invention of the year 2003 of EPFL Lausanne
2017-present Director, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Department of Chemical Biology, Heidelberg, Germany
2018-present Affiliated Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
2009-2017 Full Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
2005-2009 Associate Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, EPFL Lausanne
1999-2005 Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, EPFL Lausanne
1996-1999 Independent Researcher, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
1993-1996 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley, USA
2021-present Executive Editor of Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)
2015-2021 Scientific Advisory Commission of EMBL
2014-2017 Scientific Advisory Board, Quartet Medicines, Boston, USA
2012-2020 Editorial Advisory Board of Science
2012-2017 Member of the school-wide tenure committee of EPFL
2010-2017 Co-Director of the Swiss-wide research program NCCR Chemical Biology
2009-2015 Member of the steering committee of Institute of Chemical Sciences, EPFL
2006-present Editorial Board  of Chemistry&Biology, ChemBioChem, Chemical Society Reviews
2005-2020 Associate Editor of ACS Chemical Biology
2003-2010 Board of Directors, Covalys Biosciences, Switzerland

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