Dr. Petr Chlanda

Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology
Heidelberg University Hospital, Schaller Research Group
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49 6221-54 51231

Structural cell biology and virology, influenza A virus, Ebola virus, membrane remodeling and role of lipids in viral infection, membrane fusion, cryo-electron tomography, correlative light and electron microscopy methods

09/2017 – present Schaller Research Group Leader, Center for Infectious Diseases, Heidelberg University
2011 – 2017 PostDoc, Section on Integrative Biophysics, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA
2010 – 2011 PostDoc, Structural and Computational Biology Unit, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany
2006 – 2009 PhD in Virology (Heidelberg University)
2000 – 2006 M.S. in Biochemistry (Charles University, Prague)
2018 – present Member of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Steering Committee, Heidelberg University

Winter SL, Chlanda P. 2021. Dual-axis Volta phase plate cryo-electron tomography of Ebola virus-like particles reveals actin-VP40 interactions, Journal of Structural Biology, J Struct Biol. doi: 10.1016/j.jsb.2021.107742.

Klein S, Wachsmuth-Melm M, Winter SL, Kolovou A, Chlanda P. 2021. Cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy workflow for cryo-focused ion beam milled adherent cells, Methods in Cell Biology. doi.org/10.1016/bs.mcb.2020.12.009

Klein S*, Wimmer BH*, Winter SL, Kolovou A, Laketa V, Chlanda P. 2021. Post-correlation on-lamella cryo-CLEM reveals the membrane architecture of lamellar bodies. Commun Biol. 4(1):137. doi: 10.1038/s42003-020-01567-z.

Klein S*, Cortese M*, Winter SL*, Wachsmuth-Melm M, Neufeldt CJ, Cerikan B, Stanifer ML, Boulant S, Bartenschlager R#, Chlanda P#. 2020. SARS-CoV-2 structure and replication characterized by in situ cryo-electron tomography. Nat Commun. 11(1):5885. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-19619-7.

Chlanda P, Mekhedov E, Waters H, Sodt A, Schwartz C, Nair V, Blank PS, Zimmerberg J. 2017. Palmitoylation contributes to membrane curvature in Influenza A virus assembly and hemagglutinin-mediated membrane fusion. Virol. pii: JVI.00947-17.

*Quemin ERJ, *Chlanda P, Sachse M, Forterre P, Prangishvili D, Krupovic M. 2016. Eukaryotic-like virus budding in Archaea. MBio. 7(5):e01439-16 (*equal contribution)

Chlanda P, Mekhedov E, Waters H, Schwartz CL, Fischer ER, Ryham RR, Cohen FS, Blank PS, Zimmerberg J. 2016. The hemifusion structure induced by Influenza virus hemagglutinin is determined by physical properties of the target membranes. Nat Microbiol. 1(6):16050.

Chlanda P, Zimmerberg J. 2016. Protein-lipid interactions critical to replication of the influenza A virus during infection. FEBS Lett. 590(13):1940-1954.

Chlanda P, Riches J, Oberwinkler H, Schraidt O, Kräusslich HG, Briggs JAG. 2015. Structural analysis of the contributions of individual proteins to influenza assembly and morphology. J Virol. 89(17):8957-66.

Chlanda P, Carbajal MA, Cyrklaff M, Griffiths G, Krijnse-Locker J. Membrane rupture generates single open membrane sheets during vaccinia virus assembly. 2009. Cell Host Microbe. 6(1):81-90.

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