Mercator fellow associated with the SFB1129

The aim of a Mercator Fellowship is to enable an intensive und long-term exchange between scientists from Germany and researchers from abroad in order to bring complementary expertise and techniques into the projects.

Dr. Steeve Boulant, former project leader of project 14 (from 2014 until Dec. 2021), has accepted a professorship at the University of Florida, USA.

Throughout the eight years in SFB1129, Steeve Boulant has published collaborative original research articles with Krijnse-Locker, Schwarz, Spatz, Fackler, Bartenschlager, Kräusslich, Müller, Cavalcanti-Adam, Ruggieri, Dao Thi, Grimm, Chlanda and Lusic. This broad collaborative spectrum is the consequence of the integrative nature of Dr. Boulant’s research approach combining virology, biophysics, cell biology and state-of-the art imaging and next-generation sequencing technologies. In order to continue the very successful scientific exchange, Dr. Boulant remains associated with the SFB as Mercator Fellow.

In the current funding period (2022 – 2026) Dr. Boulant will continue his intensive collaborations with Cavalcanti-Adam/Grimm and Bartenschlager/Höfer. In addition, he has recently established collaborations with other projects, where his expertise is key for implementation of novel technologies that are important for these projects (Fackler, Ruggieri, Ingham, Funaya/Schwab and Dao Thi).