Prof. Dr. Motomu Tanaka

Institute of Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry of Biosystems
Heidelberg University
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49 6221-54 4916


Physics of biological matter, physical chemistry of soft interfaces, quantitative modeling of diseases and development, functionalization of semiconductor devices for novel biomolecular electronics


2014 Siebold Prize from German President
2012–2013 Visiting Professor, Department of Physics, Kyoto University
2012 Scientific Committe, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
2010 External Advisory Board, Institute for Integrated Cell and Material Science, Kyoto University
2009–2012 Program Committe, Institute Laue Langevin
2001 Emmy Noether Fellow, German Science Foundation
1999 Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt Foundatione
1998 Postdoctoral Fellow, Japan Society for Promotion of Science
1997 International Mobility Fellowship, Finnish Academy
1997 Doctoral Fellowship, Japan Society of Promotion of Science