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SFB 1129 – Retreat 2024

The 2024 internal scientific meeting of SFB 1129 will take place on July 15th and 16th 2024 at Hotel Molkenkur, Heidelberg.

SFB 1129 – Retreat 2023

The annual internal scientific meeting of SFB 1129 took place on July 24th and 25th 2023 at Hotel Molkenkur, Heidelberg.


Looking back to our SFB1129 Retreat  we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the active participation and valuable contributions of the participants.
We are grateful to all project leaders for sharing their latest research results through informative presentations, which added depth and insight to the Retreat discussions.
Additionally, we would like to express our thanks to all the PhD students and Postdocs who put in commendable effort to prepare and present thought-provoking posters during the Poster session. Their engagement in the subsequent discussions showcased their dedication to our research.

We are looking forward to our next SFB meeting!

SFB1129 virtual International Symposium 2021

The International Symposium of SFB1129 entitled “Integrative Analysis of Pathogen Replication and Spread” took place on May 6 and 7, 2021 as an online meeting.

The Symposium covered a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches and different topics, centered around the pathogens studied by our consortium (HIV-1, parasite infections, Hepatitis viruses, enteric viruses, Influenza virus, SARS-CoV2).


We would like to give special thanks to the Invited Speakers of the Symposium for sharing their newest results through exciting and stimulating presentations.
We also thank all attendees for active participation and lively discussions.

We are looking forward to our next meeting, when it will hopefully be possible to meet and discuss in person again.

Interactive online Workshop “Career Development for Young Scientists” in 2020

The PhD/Postdoc Initiative organized an interactive online workshop “Career Development for Young Scientists” together with hfp Consulting (Heidelberg) in December 2020.
Together with friends and colleagues from the TRR179 and SPP1923 the SFB participants spent four exciting sessions in two weeks exploring all the possibilities that science careers have to offer and how to best access them. With two trainers they learned how to sharpen their skills and reflect on how to improve themselves and make better and more informed decisions in the future. The course was highly enjoyable, informative and helpful.

SFB 1129 online Retreat 2020

Our annual retreat that was planned for June 17th and 18th 2020 at the Conference Centre Studio Villa Bosch in Heidelberg was cancelled.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, this year’s annual meeting did not take place as a face-to-face event in Heidelberg; instead, we held the meeting online as a hybrid Meeting on Monday Oct. 12th and Tuesday Oct. 13th, 2020.
We thank all participants for the informative talks and the interesting discussions!


Workshop “Taking the Lead – Leadership Skills” 2019

This workshop was offered particularly to those Postdocs and PhDs of SFB 1129 who want to follow an academic career.
It consisted of three modules (taking place on Oct 18th, Nov 15th and Dec. 6th 2019 in CIID) and each module focused on a different key aspect of leadership. The participants had the opportunity to strenghten their personal professional leadership competencies.

The goal of the workshop was to enhance the scientists’ use of their personal resources, to support in gaining certainty in leadership issues and to create a space to develop individual strategies to meet current challenges.

SFB 1129 Retreat 2019

The annual internal scientific meeting of SFB 1129 took place on July 23rd/July 24th 2019 at EMBL, Heidelberg. >> program

Here you get some impressions of the Retreat:

Kick-off Meeting at the Retreat 2019
The event started with a Kick-off meeting for PhDs and Postdocs. For this year’s retreat the PhD/Postdoc initiative has organised a coaching session with the Arc Founder, Astrid Schrader. Driven by the goal of exploring your full potential at work, we took a journey into understanding what we can bring of our personalities to achieve our aims.

Some participants’ comments:

  • The workshop provided us with a great opportunity to vocalize our wishes, plans and concerns about our future careers in science
  • I felt I was in a safe place to talk about our own and each other´s current career problems and learned tricks for having a happier work life
  • It was a good opportunity to meet and discuss with other members of the SFB1129 that have similar issues”.

Workshop “Wissenschaft stimmig präsentieren”

The workshop “Wissenschaft STIMMIG transportieren – Professionelles Stimm- und Redetraining für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen” will be held in cooperation with the TRR83 and the SFB1129 in Heidelberg. The goal of this workshop is training of young female scientists to reach their audience during presentations with convincing voice.

The workshop is organized in three one-day sessions:
October 11th 2017: Souverän auftreten – frei sprechen
January 25th 2018: Mut zur Stimme
March 7th 2018: Individual coaching of each participant presenting a short talk
March 8th 2018: Group session “Stimme und Rede im Vortragssaal”


The trainer Barbara Greese has a long-standing reputation in presentation training with focus on how to use and develop your voice to catch the attention of the audience (

Ilastik “Hands-on Workshop” on Dec. 4, 2017

ilastik is a simple, user-friendly tool for interactive image classification, segmentation and analysis. It is built as a modular software, which currently has workflows for automated (supervised) pixel- and object-level classification, automated and semi-automated object tracking, semi-automated segmentation and object counting without detection. Using ilastik requires no experience in image processing: we encourage you to join this workshop and bring your own data during the “hands-on” sessions,  so you can explore solving your own problem using ilastik on December 4th, 2017 in Mathematikon Building A, PC Pool, 2nd floor room 103.

Please find the program and register for the hands-on sessions.

Workshop „Scientific Writing“, Sept. 2016

Scientific Writing is an important skill for all academic careers. In order to be effective, research proposals, reports and publications must be informative, precisely formulated and well structured. During this workshop in September 2016, participants dealt with different tasks like developing a proposal, effective dealing with literature, and composing and revising drafts in regard to their own writing project.

Rating for this 2-day workshop was very good and shown here.

SFB 1129 Retreat 2016

This years SFB 1129 retreat took place on Wednesday July 20th and on Thursday July 21st, 2016 at the EMBL Heidelberg.
Please check the program for details on the scientific program and locations during the retreat.

Kick-off event Retreat 2016
This retreat has a strong focus on our young scientists: We started the retreat with a kick-off event “chain reaction” exclusively for our PhD students and Postdocs on Wednesday at 9am. After the retreat on Thursday our young scientists got the opportunity to join the well-established EMBL career day.

PhD student and Postdoc VIP speaker Invitation

The PhD and Postdoc community of the SFB1129 aims to get in contact with worldwide renown scientists whose research interests would intersect with that of the scientists of SFB1129. Therefore, a particular meeting series, namely “PhD student and Postdoc VIP speaker invitation”, is established and carried out solely by the PhD students and Postdocs to ensure a direct contact to the invited expert and to foster exchange in a friendly atmosphere.

The first event of “PhD student and Postdoc VIP speaker invitation” was featuring a Nobel Laureate
This meeting took place on 20th of April, 2016 at the Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research at the Neuenheimer Feld Campus in Heidelberg. The special guest was the 2014 Nobel laureate, Stefan W. Hell, who is well-known for his discovery of the super-resolution microscopy technique, namely STED.
The organisers of the meeting, Susann Kummer, Volkan Sakin, and Gesa Helms reported that “It was an honor and a great pleasure for us that Stefan W. Hell kindly accepted our invitation to join for a round table discussion. After introducing ourselves and our projects, Stephan took us on a journey starting with the challenges he had to face during his early career years and ending in that special phone call from the Nobel Prize Committee. He encouraged us to be passionate for our work and to take the challenges as they come along on our way. We are very grateful to him that he openly shared his invaluable experiences with us from a very personalized point of view and we are looking forward to our next “VIP” guest.

Workshop „Communication Skills“, June 15th/16th 2015

Information and contact: Dr. Doris Heidmann, phone 06221 – 56 5216

SFB 1129 Retreat 2015

The SFB 1129 retreat took place on July 22nd and 23rd 2015 at Schlosshotel Molkenkur, Heidelberg.
Please check the program for details on the scientific program and locations during the retreat.
Information and contact: Dr. Doris Heidmann, phone 06221 – 56 5216

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