Dr. Ann-Kristin Mueller   

Department of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology Heidelberg University
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49 6221-56 5010
Fax:      +49 6221-56 4643
Email:   ann-kristin.mueller@med.uni-heidelberg.de


Parasitology (malaria), immunology, vaccinology, cell biology, intrahepatic infections


2012 Minerva-Arches Prize of the BMBF and Max-Planck Society
2010-present Kollegiat of the “Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften” (academy of science of the state of Baden-Württemberg)
2010 “Auf dem Weg zur Professur” Managment course of the Excellence Cluster of the University Heidelberg
2010 Personal career development coaching at the Führungsakademie Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe, Germany
2008 EXIST-Forschungstransfer grant by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
2006 EMBO long-term research fellowship (ALTF405-2006)
2006 2006 Karl Freudenberg Prize by the “Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften” for PhD work
2006 2006 prize for “Basic medical research: vaccination against malaria” by the German GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
2005 “Top post-doc and student talk” at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM XVI), Woods Hole, MA, USA

2011-present Mentor and Shareholder of the MalVa GmbH (co-funded by EXIST II of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie)
2009-present Independent Group Leader at Heidelberg University, Department of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology, Heidelberg, Germany
2007-2008 Junior Group Leader at the Research Center for Infectious Diseases, Würzburg, Germany
2007 EMBO research fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (with Prof. E. Riley), London, UK
2005-2006 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the lab of Dr. Kai Matuschewski, Heidelberg, Germany
2002 Three-month summer course “Biology of Parasitism” at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, USA
2001-2004 PhD thesis in the lab of Dr. Kai Matuschewski, Heidelberg, Germany
1996-2001 Student of Biology at the University of Marburg

  • S.H.I. Kappe, K-U.C. Matuschewski, and A.-K. Mueller, Live Genetically Attenuated Malaria Vaccine, International Patent Publication No. WO 2005/ 063991 A2, 14 July 2005
  • E. Morath and A.-K. Mueller, Malaria vaccines based on apicomplexan Ferlins, Ferlin-like proteins and other C2-domain containing proteins (US61/267,026), 2012
  • J. Pfeil, K. Heiss and A.-K. Mueller, Malaria vaccines based on Pre-Erythrocytic Antigens from P. falciparum (US61/419,906), 2011
  • A.-K. Mueller and G. Bringmann et. al., Hybridverbindungen aus 4- und 8-Aminochinolinen zur prophylaktischen und therapeutischen Behandlung von Malaria und anderen parasitären Erkrankungen (DE 10 2010 048 476 A1), 2012

Lödige M, Lewis MD, Paulsen E, Esch H., Pradel G, Lehmann L, Brun R, Bringmann G, Mueller AK, An antiplasmodial hybrid agent with a dual mode of action: Innovative advancement of aproved drugs. Int J Med Microbiol. 2013; doi:pii: S1438-4221(13)00101-X. 10.1016/j.ijmm.2013.07.005. [Epub ahead of print]

Mueller AK, Behrends J, Hagens K, Mahlo J, Schaible UE, Schneider BE, Natural transmission of Plasmodium berghei exacerbates chronic tuberculosis in an experimental co-infection model. PLoS One. 2012; 7, e48110

Mueller AK, Deckert M, Heiss K, Goetz K, Matuschewski K, Schluter D, Genetically Attenuated Plasmodium berghei Liver Stages Persist and Elicit Sterile Protection Primarily via CD8 T Cells. Am J Pathol. 2007; 171(1): 107-115

Mueller AK, Labaied M, Kappe SH, Matuschewski K, Genetically modified Plasmodium parasites as a protective experimental malaria vaccine. Nature. 2005; 433(7022):164-7

Mueller AK, Camargo N, Kaiser K, Andorfer C, Frevert U, Matuschewski K, Kappe SH, Plasmodium liver stage developmental arrest by depletion of a protein at the parasite-host interface. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005; 102(8):3022-7

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